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End to End AI Platform 

Leading the Biotech Industry With Preemptive Technology

About Us

We Advance The Next Wave of Therapeutic Discovery

The Growing Wellness Market

Health concerns arouses by Covid-19 triggered off a tremendous growth demands on novel drug discovery. People are eager to improve the quality of life and wellness by all means. Products available in the market are generic and with standardized dosages, however, the absorption and side effects varied in accordance individual's age and weight...etc. These factors should never be neglected in any therapeutic approaches or health management attempts so as to resolve the unmet medical needs.

Our Vision

As a pioneer of the life science industry, our mission is to accelerate the discovery of life, to resolve the unmet medical needs and to keep the well-being of our body by turnkey deployment of our preemptive Artificial Intelligence technology. We effectively combine efforts of biologists, bioinformaticians, data scientists and software engineering specialists to generate synergy effect and add value to all our stakeholders. We share our life-changing end-to-end platform empowered by state-of-the-art AI technology with like-minded collaborators.

What we want to achieve is first to identify the most challenging health concerns which arouse the greatest resonance worldwidely through various behavior analysis and research, then provide unique and innovative solutions to bring quality living to everyone. We strongly believe that is how we change the world and usher the wellbeing of the humanity.

Our Technology

We harness the powerful applications of machine learning and accurate predictive analytics to fasten the new therapy process, to magnify and validate the effectiveness of the therapy by means such as Generative Recurrent Neural Network with LSTM, GAN, Bayesian Network. 

We seek for the optimal solution effectively, to let the end-users to feel the differences obviously before and after the usage. This have long been the main objective and target of various Biotech and Life Science firms. The industry would be eager to deploy our End-To-End platform empowered by the emerging AI technology in conducting Reagent Selection, Biomedical, and Clinical Research, which also enable streamline of the R&D effort, to facilitate the new therapeutic discovery with greater efficacy and accuracy.

Our Platform

Our AI Platform, PetaPoly™  1.0 would lay a significant milestone on the life science field as a powerful tool to accelerate and validate the new therapy discovery and repurposing as well.

How Does It Works?



Our AI-augmented model empowered our bio-chemist team to evaluate millions of molecular structures, curate effective therapy in fewer cycles.


It does not only greatly reduce the expenses for unnecessary attempts and trials. The automation free the manpower to further the scientific research for more life-changing solutions of wellness issues.


Hence, enable us to emerge as a pioneer of the Biotech industry with an effective solution finding.



The utilization of our unprecedented AI platform would minimize the risk involved by conducting numerous of simulations for testing of toxicity and efficacy to validate the new therapeutic discovery, to make the most precise and effective solutions.

Our Pipeline

Wellness Products

Tackling Cancers


Male Hair Care
Hair Care
Skin Care
Skin Care
Fat Burner
Fat Burning
Rectal Cancer
Breast Cancer
Liver Cancer.png
Liver Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Animal Vaccine -
African Swine Fever
of Cannabidiol
Our Team


Our Professions & Specialists

Our professional team including specialists in Artificial Intelligence Software Engineering, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics, Computational Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacy, Pharmacology,



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Contact Us

Tel:  +852 2170 1399
Fax: +852 2764 0032
Unit 1907-1908, 19/F, Enterprise Square 3, No.39 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, H.K

Unit 506, 5/F, Biotech Centre 1 (9W), Phase 2, Hong Kong Science Park, 9 Science Park West Avenue, Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong

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